About me

Attention to detail, comes natural to me, and have enabled me to become a fast learner, while understanding many of the underlying dynamics of various functions.


My interests

I am looking to expand my knowledge and better understand the human body. In doing so, I enjoy reading books and listening to self-development podcasts. Currently, I am pursuing a yoga course to dive deeper into the body’s functionality.

My hobbies

Starting my day at the gym or swimming pool always puts me in a good mood. I find dancing and yoga to be incredibly relaxing and enjoyable. I have a deep love for nature, travel, and hiking, and in the winter, I hit the slopes for some snowboarding.

“Structuredness is a discipline I have lived by my entire life. I put an honor in applying systemizing and organizing things for efficiency. A good structure is one that is transparent, concise, and intuitive to use for all team members.”


Tereza Novakova