Work Experience

2022 - Present

Company: SubReader ApS
Position: Project leader

SubReader is an accessibility tech startup, providing people with dyslexia equal access to movies and shows through their app and integrations with the world’s biggest SVOD providers.


My tasks

Leading the quality assurance team with three direct reports, for an AI/ML project, enabling SubReader to support subtitles with burned-in text. I was tasked with hiring, day-to-day management, and developing the workflow structure. Additionally, I identified the most recurring errors, thereby increasing efficiency of the team. My work resulted in a reduction in errors from false positives/negatives and contributed to the system reaching production quality.


2020 - 2022

Company: Renomia NETWORK
Position: Administrative specialist

RENOMIA is one of the leading international providers of insurance and risk management services, with offices and subsidiaries in 11 countries. The insurance brokerage services cover a multitude of sectors from agriculture to private equity.

My tasks
Responsible for payment requests, including alignment of claims with contractual obligations, communication between clients and brokers, and educating brokers in data registration.


  • Facilitated and created onboarding workshops for data registration for brokers.
  • Handled and facilitated multidirectional communication flows between clients and brokers, with a high degree of contractual detail and payment information.
  • Managed 30 broker accounts simultaneously.
  • Maintained a high degree of detail in auditing payment requests, account details and contractual obligations.
  • Handled reporting in excel and developed presentations in PowerPoint.

2018 - 2020

After High School I lived on/in Iceland, England, and the US, to experience new cultures, develop language skills, expand my network, and learn to work with different people. The jobs included assistive tasks for family companies. 



My tasks

Managed the reception for a cottage rental business, customer service, and ad-hoc assistive tasks for a family.


Reliability, hard work, and adventures.

As a person, I am reliable, loyal, and hard-working. I uphold a high level of detail in my work and studies and appreciate working in a collaborative environment. I am perseverant in achieving my goals. A high-level of self-motivation enables me to learn fast and adapt to various situations. In my spare time, I am very active and social. I enjoy dancing, being outdoors, hiking, traveling, and reading books when I have the time.